2 responses to “PAH International Committee”

  1. omar

    soy de Tarragona tengo dos deudas hipoticaria una de banesto 14500e y otra de Santander de 90000e
    también tengo una hija enferma hace dos tratamento cada año
    nacio enferma de tiroides me boy sempre a Barcelona baidebron
    nicicito ayoda para quitar las dos deudas por favor

  2. Brian Dedora

    These assholes from George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM, are stealing, once again, from those they have defrauded for their own benefit…how much food and shelter do these assholes need while throwing people out onto the streets? It is time the people stop paying for mistakes made by those at the top, mistakes made with the knowledge that the common man can be used as fodder to their greed!!!

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