Last Friday February 3rd 2017, PAH participated at the panel Eviction and resistance, Anti-displacement Fights in the post-2008 economic crisis, at the Basel Congress Reclaim Democracy
The workshop brought together activists, scholars, collectives, and platforms from different cities in Southern Europe to engage collectively in an exploration of the potential and limits of anti-gentrification discourses and practices in facing the regimes of expulsion that characterize Southern European cities in the current period of austerity.The workshop was organized by Institute Sigue leyendo…


The “Worldwide Forum on urban violence, and education for coexistence and peace” ends today in Madrid after 3 days. Hundred of evictions have been executed, silently and by force these 3 days. For living in peace, Human Rights must be accomplished but in Spain HUMAN RIGHTS ARE VIOLATED EVERY DAY when, for suffering a downturn in circumstances due to unemployment or illness:
–> HOMES are lost through forced evictions, with children or elders, to banks that were rescued with public money, Sigue leyendo…


Dos o tres meses de preparación de un evento se esfuman en dos o tres horas de encuentro entre personas (activistas o no tanto), pero que compartimos la preocupación por el derecho a la vivienda en una sociedad que se auto define como democrática pero que deja en la exclusión un severo porcentaje de sus miembros. De ahí la cuestión central del acto: Derecho a la vivienda o Democracia.
Un cine del grupo Utopia Cinemas nos alberga en el interior Sigue leyendo…

PAH participated at the Right to the City Round Table: “Ground/Shift: Building New models for Alternative Housing"

PAH participated at the Right to the City Round Table: “Ground/Shift: Building New models for Alternative Housing”

This last December 2016 PAH participated at the Right to the City Round Table organized by Rose Luxemburg New York ( This year’s theme was “Ground/Shift: Building New models for Alternative Housing”
We were extremely lucky to share the event with inspiring organizations like Right to the City ( ), Burlington Community Land Trust ( , Mietshäuser-Syndikat ( , Urban Habitat ( ), Autonomous Tenants Union Chicago (, Archipel-Zürich ( , Cooperation Jackson-Jackson (  among others. 
In Spain New models for alternative Sigue leyendo…

The Coalition and all its participants, demand access to affordable public housing: “Housing for people, not profit”

Amsterdam, 30 May 2016.
Activists from 10 countries severely affected by the imposition of EU austerity policies and urban regeneration projects carried out with European structural funds displayed a 15-meter banner on the Oosterdok jetty Which said “Housing for people, not profit” while singing slogans for housing and housing rights to protest against the adoption of the EU Urban Agenda by Ministers of 23 member states in Amsterdam. The protest called for European funds to be used to build social and Sigue leyendo…

We participated in the VI Belgrade Security Forum “Will Democracy Survive the Global Disorder”

Belgrade, October 14, 2016
We participated in the VI Belgrade Security Forum “Will Democracy Survive the Global Disorder”. In the event that lasted for 3 days, PAH’s participation was reserved for the last plenary panel just before the closing of the event, which had a great audience and participation of the public. The main theme was security issues in Europe such as migratory phenomena, social movements, cohesion of the region and the continent, etc. The panel on which PAH was invited Sigue leyendo…

PAH vs Habitat3 lies

In defense of a dire lack of policies to solve housing problems, the Spanish Government is only capable of reciting statisticas that do not reveal the harshness of day-to-day reality.  In the video the PAH spokesperson, Carlos Macias, lambasts the Spanish Government´s lies only a short while after being badly bruised by riot police when he tried to stop an eviction in Catalonia.  That is the day-to-day reality of the Spanish Government´s bankster politics.  One of their well known snares for unknowing listeners is to recite statistics which is why the PAH made Sigue leyendo…

La PAH propone en París trabajo en común y Cohesión

La PAH propone en París trabajo en común y Cohesión


París 17 de Septembre de 2016
Nous vivons dans une perspective de globalisation sur l’évolution de la communauté internationale. Dans une mondialisation capitaliste en phase de sortie du néolibéralisme parmi la financiarisation. Ainsi encadrée Gus Massiah les trois conférences internationales Habitat I, Habitat II et Habitat III, depuis les années 60, comme une contradiction profonde entre l’architecture internationale institutionnelle, l’ONU, et une logique dominante capitaliste qui sacrifie toutes les valeurs dans un champ bataille idéologique qui n´est autre que les droits Sigue leyendo…