Capital and the City_ June 21 – 25, Belgrade 2017

Capital and the City_ June 21 – 25, Belgrade 2017

With the topic “Capital and the City” this years’ meeting of European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City delves into the connection between the city and the economic powers that increasingly seek to plunder it. In particular, we look at the position of housing and large urban development agendas in this, having become among the main processes driving contemporary global capitalism.
Where cities are for most a home, for some they are investment vehicles. That in Sigue leyendo…

World Social Forum - World Social Forum in Montreal 9-12 August 2016

World Social Forum – World Social Forum in Montreal 9-12 August 2016

The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Foundation invited the PAH to participate in the World Social Forum in Montreal in 2016, which was held in August, covering all transportation and accommodation expenses during the stay in Montreal,
The World Social Forum aims to bring together tens of thousands of people from civil society groups, organizations and social movements who want to build a sustainable and inclusive world where each person and each people has their place and can make their voices heard. Sigue leyendo…

European Coalition presentation for AlterSummit 2016

The European Action Coalition for Right to Housing and Land was formed in 2013 to demand a compulsorily applicable right to housing. It should also protect us from speculation, having as its main goal the end of forced evictions without alternative social housing, all following the slogan “’No People Without Homes, No Homes Without people”
The European Coalition is currently formed by 24 collectives from 18 countries across Europe, namely: Portugal, Spain, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Sigue leyendo…



Last Friday February 3rd 2017, PAH participated at the panel Eviction and resistance, Anti-displacement Fights in the post-2008 economic crisis, at the Basel Congress Reclaim Democracy
The workshop brought together activists, scholars, collectives, and platforms from different cities in Southern Europe to engage collectively in an exploration of the potential and limits of anti-gentrification discourses and practices in facing the regimes of expulsion that characterize Southern European cities in the current period of austerity.The workshop was organized by Institute Sigue leyendo…


The “Worldwide Forum on urban violence, and education for coexistence and peace” ends today in Madrid after 3 days. Hundred of evictions have been executed, silently and by force these 3 days. For living in peace, Human Rights must be accomplished but in Spain HUMAN RIGHTS ARE VIOLATED EVERY DAY when, for suffering a downturn in circumstances due to unemployment or illness:
–> HOMES are lost through forced evictions, with children or elders, to banks that were rescued with public money, Sigue leyendo…


Dos o tres meses de preparación de un evento se esfuman en dos o tres horas de encuentro entre personas (activistas o no tanto), pero que compartimos la preocupación por el derecho a la vivienda en una sociedad que se auto define como democrática pero que deja en la exclusión un severo porcentaje de sus miembros. De ahí la cuestión central del acto: Derecho a la vivienda o Democracia.
Un cine del grupo Utopia Cinemas nos alberga en el interior Sigue leyendo…