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A basic guide to the PAH Platform for People Affected by Mortgages
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Ostrava, Czech Republic. May 5th – 7 2016

Narativ (a NGO and a relational platform focused on the development of collaborative and dialogical practice in Czechia and Slovakia. and the Faculty of Social Studies of Ostrava ( organized the 3rd International Collaborative and Dialogical Symposium on Recovery and Social Change. “Doing Community”
The Symposium was perfectly organized with General Sessions, Workshops and a very interesting debriefing session at the end of each day. The audience was Sigue leyendo…

Open Letter to Carles Puigdemont urging him to the full application of Law 24/2015

President Carles Puigdemont,

We address this letter to you as new President of Catalonia’s Government, and on behalf of the Advocacy Group of the People’s Legislative Initiative (ILP) on emergency housing and energy poverty. For the past six years we have decried the housing crisis and the worrying inaction of different governments and public administration offices. We have warned of daily violations of the right to adequate housing, and we have been forced to urgently react in order to stop thousands Sigue leyendo…

Towards the Urban and Community Way to live well and responsibly on our planet

La Bergerie, France. On January 14th 2016 International Alliance Inhabitants ( invited PAH and other 20 Housing Organization from 4 different continents, to the workshop “Towards the Urban and Community Way to live well and responsibly on our planet”
The energy at the gathering was incredible and a strong bond between all organizations was created. We learned about the different fights that each organization was carrying to assure the Right to The City in Sigue leyendo…

Catalunyan People’s Legislative Initiative against evictions and fuel poverty is unanimously approved

The Catalunyan parliament has unanimously approved the People’s Legislative Initiative (ILP) for urgent measures to take on the housing and energy poverty emergency.
This comes as a great collective victory after years of struggle for the right to housing. It will allow mechanisms to be put into practice that end evictions and indiscriminate cut-offs to utilities, while also enabling empty houses to be put into use as social housing.
In a historic session on Thursday, the Catalunyan parliament approved the People’s Sigue leyendo…

Statement in the face of the eviction order for PAH Barcelona’s Bloc La Bordeta

From the Platform for Mortgage Affected People (PAH) in Barcelona, as we face an eviction order that threatens families currently living in the collectively recuperated housing block named Bloc La Bordeta, we want to make public the fact that we have pressed both the Barcelona City Council and the Catalan Government to intervene in the process. Both institutions have asked the judge not to order the eviction. On the other hand, we also urge the judiciary not to allow the Sigue leyendo…