En este momento estás viendo The historical struggle supported from Europe

The historical struggle supported from Europe

The support for the PAH Housing Law and the fight for a dignified housing does not end in Spain. On the 27th and 28th of febrary, the PAH with representation from all the territories, traveled to Brussels to take our demands to the European Parliaments, with the exception of the PP who refused to help us.The reception of our demands was practically unanimous both for the spanish representations, even the Ciudadanos,as recognized that there was no point in vetoing the discussion. as well as on the part of the majority of the members of the European Parliaments from the rest of the European caountries.

We also met with social movements from countries such as Greece and Brussels where we received a warm welcome that ended with a unanimous statement: “We need the PAH Housing Law in ours countries” A statement that only reaffirms the words of the UN Housing Rapporteur, affirming that this Law was a precedent that serves to inspire the world.

At the same time we were in Brussels, social movements across Europe supported the PAH Housing Law carrying out an action at Spanish embassies and consulates across the continent to bring them a document and obtein signatures of support from ambassadors and consumers in Berlin , Milan, Paris, Munich, Cyprus, Lisbon, Sarajevo, Bucharest. We only have words of thanks for the Foundation of Rosa de Luxembourg, Granates Tides, to all the members of the European Action Coalition for the right to housing and the city

All this is another example of the loneliness of the PP, protected only by Ciudadanos. If we do not overcome the veto, which has a deadline of March 16, we would face an absolute violation of Spanish democracy and a greater evidence of the lack of political height of those who claim to represent the families of this country, but only They worry about the economic interests of a few without taking into account the most fundamental rights and the lives that are at stake due to the violation of these.

Yesterday we showed it in . We have shown that if they do not sit down to talk, we will rise up and occupy the streets to achieve with mobilization and civil pressure to carry out what the government is not capable of doing.

Thanks to all who have joined us in this international show of support for our proposal for the Housing Law. Your support has been key in reminding us that we are not doing this alone. It has been a very successful call and we can not thank enough for the help to promote a fairer legal system in Spain. Changing the housing policy of our country would mean a gigantic victory for our movement and a social welfare for all citizens.

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